Gay Rights

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Gay  Marriage is being  discussed by 9 of the most powerful people in the United States Government right now. We pay Millions/Billions of dollars in taxes a year to our Government and this is how they spend our money… This topic should not even have to be discussed! If gays want to get married, who are we to stop them. Being gay is not a choice, and it is not a disease. We did not have to discuss a man and a woman getting married did we…. I did not thing so. We are born the way we are an that is just a matter of fact. Love is all that counts anyways and marriage is just a legal document that EVERYONE should be able to have. Oh Yeah, One more thing; why is the people that is supporting gay marriage getting slammed as well?? A portion of the supporters are straight! Everyone has beliefs and that is okay, but not when you are acting the way you are in public towards gays and others. Everyone needs to have an open mind and if you don’t like it and don’t want nothing to do with it; then keep your  opinions to yourself and stop slamming other people because of the way they are because they are not slamming you for the way you are.

English: This protester was on his own and let...

English: This protester was on his own and letting Minnesota state Senators know his position on gay marriage. This is freedom of speech in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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