Religion is so over rated and so misunderstood. A lot of people are religious in the word, and sooner or later they start to doubt their religion for whatever reason. That makes my wonder: “Why does people start to doubt their religion”? Then all I do is step back and look at how many religions there are in the word and how many of them think that their religion is the right one to follow. I look at how many groups there are in the world trying to create their own religion, and their own version of the Bible. The truth is that there are many of what people call Gods, there is Jehovah God, The Roman Gods, Greek Gods, The Titans, Muhammad, Shakti and Shiva, and ect.. that people believe in and worship. There are also so many versions of what people call the Bible and there are religions that have their own specific Bible. No one surely expects someone to just believe their religion is the right one, follow it, and never question it; with all these other religions in the world and so many different Bibles. Everybody preaches that their Bible and their God/Gods/Ruler is the right ones and presents so much evidence that it is the correct one to follow. Truth be told; if you give someone a topic and enough time to research it, they will come up with reasons why that is the way it is; but that does not make it right. We all know and understand that humans do what humans want to do. Someone may put a gun to our head and try to force us to do something, but if we don’t want to do it; we are just not going to do it. We all want what we want, and we all believe in something, even if that something is nothing. but that is no reason to judge or persecute someone just because they believe something different from you do. We have so many ended friendships, relationships, marriages, and even wars over religion and it really should just not even matter. Then again that is why this world is in such turmoil now. Instead of everyone just setting, wishing, praying, and wanting the world to be a better place, why not just try to make it a better place yourself. No one has promised us that we are going to be alive in the morning and no matter what you believe, time is off the essence and something that we don’t have to spare. Everyday we live, is another day that our flesh bodies are

English: Religious symbols from the top nine o...

English: Religious symbols from the top nine organised faiths of the world according to Major world religions From left to right: 1st Row: Christian Cross, Jewish Star of David, Hindu Aumkar 2nd Row: Islamic Star and crescent, Buddhist Wheel of Dharma, Shinto Torii 3rd Row: Sikh Khanda, Bahá’í star, Jain Ahimsa Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dying and NO ONE wants to be that 70-year-old man or woman setting there staring out the window try to figure out where they went wrong in life. Just everyone needs to try to have an open mind and understand that it is not an awful thing for someone to believe in something different from you do. Just believe in, and do what you feel like is the right thing to do, and just live your life.


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