What is a friend anyways? In today’s society can we even be sure what a friend is? I mean; I have always heard “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but it is getting harder by the day to keep track of who we are supposed to keep close and who we are supposed to keep closer. A friend to me is someone who is family. Someone who I can call at 3am for no reason and they talk the rest of the night. A friend to me is someone who would never judge me or my decisions. Someone who is always there for me through thick and thin. Almost like a husband or wife. Yet there are friends that will look us in the eyes, smile real big, and talk to us all day, and they are putting more knifes into our backs then our enemies are. That is really and truly sad. It is very hard to spot these friends because they are masters of disguise and illusion. If you keep having drama in your life, secrets being spilled, information being leaked, and so on.. then you have one of these kinds of friends. I cannot explain how much it pains me to see a friendship go sour after so much energy, time, money, sleepless nights, etc.. has been put into it. These kinds of friends are social terrorists to us, they really are. Because they will come in, be the best person you know, gain your trust, get you to spill everything to them, get you to run to them in a time of distress, then be the one at the end of the road with the lighter fluid and the matches. 


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