Uncalled For Nonsence

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is two things that have really bothered me today, because those two things are just uncalled for nonsense.

     No.1, it has come to my attention that all these big high Name Brand stores that we all make rich are the biggest Racist, Sexist, and most bi-ist people there are on this planet. They don’t hirer big people, non-good-looking people, and people who don’t appeal to their company image. They only hirer skinny, toned, buff-ed, good-looking, people. That is some real bull-shit. I mean we make those companies rich and that is what they dish out. Well, I say they would not be all high and mighty if we all stopped shopping at their horrible stores. And really I don’t quit understand why we all do shop at those places. I mean we can look good with out there tags on us, and most of their stuff: no average person can afford. Yet, we buy their stuff and strut it for them, and this is how they treat us. Hmm, that is just uncalled for. It really, really is.

     No.2, the most dumbest thing in my opinion the human race has ever come up with, since nuclear war, and that is someone really believes they have scientific evidence that proves Gay Marriage and Gay Couples are wrong. REALLY?!! How many times it need to be said that (WE DON’T NEED TO JUDGE PEOPLE, WE CANNOT CHOOSE WHO WE ARE ATTRACTED TO, WE CANNOT CHOOSE WHO WE FALL IN LOVE WITH, GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES, AND PEOPLE “ARE BORN THIS WAY”). I really wish I could say what ought to be done to those people, but it would break about every common, state, federal, and judicial law in the book. If they gay people was to ever retaliate against the homo-phobic,  judgmental, hypocritical, and the Straight People; they all would be in some serious shit. But, most people don’t care, and don’t want to get involved. So yeah, lets just all have that attitude and let what little part of this world that is still good; go down the drain. Might as well, nobody seems to really be making a difference anyway. Well, I say I will be one of those that would fight just by them self and never give up before I lay down and play dead.


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