Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It really works my nerves: is to hear people talk about ‘Karma”. People throw around the phrases “Karma’s a Bitch”, “You will Reap what you Sew”, and “Karma always comes back to you”. I also hear the famous phrase “I don’t see how some people  sleep at night. Now, I sure as Hell am not a Saint or anywhere near perfect but I don’t use them phrases because I know and admit to the horrible/bad acts/deeds that I have done and I know I will answer for them. Yet, what really bugs me is the people who use these phrases and never admits to nothing they do, hypocrite themselves, and when these phrases gets used against them: they are like “what are talking about; I have not done nothing”. Yeah, okay! Just keep telling your self that. Then I say myself, I am not going to let these people put me down or get me into a bad mood because I know in the back of my mind the truth behind them people and that there day will come, when they will answer for what they have done. Really it’s just a shame, disgraceful, pathetic, sorry, etc….. People really ought to step back from the mirror and talk a long hard look at themselves before they open their mouths. 


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