United States of America

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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People are always saying the government is messing things up and making bad decisions. Well, “we the people” are the ones who vote to put those people into office and power. Without us “The People”, the Government would cease to exist. Now maybe some people believe that the Government is just doing it’s job. Well, look at it like this; An Assassin kills people for a living. They are just doing their jobs but nobody would believe in that. So, how can one be right and one be wrong, when both are the same thing? Well, it can’t be. Right is right and Wrong is wrong. Now I don’t know about some people and I really don’t speak for that many; but we all say it is time to put “The People” back into the Constitution and Government. They say America is the Land of Opportunity and a Free Country. I really and truly beg to differ. So if you really want things to change, instead of just setting there and complaining and waiting for someone else to take action. Get up and help us. Anything you can do is very helpful. Rome was not built-in a day or by just a few people. So there is still time to hopefully restore our once Great Country back to it’s original state!!!


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