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Sometimes people feel lost inside, like they have no idea what to do in life or that they have no purpose. Those people could not be more wrong. Everyone has to have a purpose in life because of the terms “God makes no mistakes”, and “Everything happens for a reason”. Even if you don’t believe in those sayings, just simply look around you. There are so many problems in the world and so much bad, and you wish that you could do something about it. Well, the most simplest thing make the biggest difference. You don’t have to be a Doctor, Scientist, Astronaut, etc… to make a difference or have a purpose. Every mother has a purpose, everyone that has given a compliment has a purpose, etc… I have been down in the dumps myself and have felt like I have no idea why I am alive or what purpose I could serve, and then it hit me. I am a good writer, so I wrote. I am a supporter of the Gay community, so I started supporting more. Just simple thinks like that made me feel better about myself and my life. Then when people started reading my stuff and telling me how much it helped them, I felt even better. It is not about how big or small something is that you do, it is just that you do it, that counts. There are so many opportunities in this world, and so few people use any of them to help themselves or anyone else. There is always someone who has it worse than you do, and there are people who truly have no options or opportunities. There is really no reason to be depressed or down in the dumps, or contemplating if life is worth living, even though we all have our reasons and our stories. Most everyone is guilty of being or feeling this way and it is truly okay and understandable; we are human after all. Yet, if we would just step back from the mirror and take a look at the bigger picture, we may just turn our lives around, and maybe the lives of others. 


Humans and problems go together like bees and honey. That is not a person in the world that does not have a problem/problems. No matter your race, wealth, smarts, etc.. we all have  problems. Some problems are small are require a little attention or effort to fix and some problems are huge and take a great deal of effort, attention, and support to fix. Fixing a problem can be a problem its self if not done correctly. Most people just don’t want to put forth the effort it requires to fix the problem. We also make excuses like: We can’t, We don’t know how, etc.. Well if people would just analyze the problem at hand and look at all of their decisions they have and take a step back from the mirror and consider the outcome and/or consequences of their decision then the right one might just come to them. Yeah, we all make mistakes and that is just another way that we can learn and become smarter and stronger. Yet, some people make the same mistake or bad decision for a situation 4 or 5 times before they realize, and for some it make take the most horrible thing that could happen to them to happen before they realize. That is just sad because we all have the ability to fix a problem the right way with few or no bad consequences /outcomes. Now some just don’t want to hear the truth and they get mad, angry, sad, etc… That just means you made the right decision. We cannot just sit around and be depressed about something that we have no control over but we may be able to better the situation if we look at the “bigger Picture”, All of our options, and visualize the outcome. I cannot tell anyone how many people I have seen be going through what seems to them to be the worst problem in their life, and set around depressed about stuff they have no power/control over and be saying “I just don’t know what to do”; and the best most simplest answer would be right in front of their face.  Just alway remember to view the “Bigger Picture”, Look at all of you choices, and  visualize  the outcomes of you decisions/actions, and you may be  surprised  of the outcome.