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Sometimes people feel lost inside, like they have no idea what to do in life or that they have no purpose. Those people could not be more wrong. Everyone has to have a purpose in life because of the terms “God makes no mistakes”, and “Everything happens for a reason”. Even if you don’t believe in those sayings, just simply look around you. There are so many problems in the world and so much bad, and you wish that you could do something about it. Well, the most simplest thing make the biggest difference. You don’t have to be a Doctor, Scientist, Astronaut, etc… to make a difference or have a purpose. Every mother has a purpose, everyone that has given a compliment has a purpose, etc… I have been down in the dumps myself and have felt like I have no idea why I am alive or what purpose I could serve, and then it hit me. I am a good writer, so I wrote. I am a supporter of the Gay community, so I started supporting more. Just simple thinks like that made me feel better about myself and my life. Then when people started reading my stuff and telling me how much it helped them, I felt even better. It is not about how big or small something is that you do, it is just that you do it, that counts. There are so many opportunities in this world, and so few people use any of them to help themselves or anyone else. There is always someone who has it worse than you do, and there are people who truly have no options or opportunities. There is really no reason to be depressed or down in the dumps, or contemplating if life is worth living, even though we all have our reasons and our stories. Most everyone is guilty of being or feeling this way and it is truly okay and understandable; we are human after all. Yet, if we would just step back from the mirror and take a look at the bigger picture, we may just turn our lives around, and maybe the lives of others. 



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Life! That is a very bold subject. That one word can include many things. Well, I may not have picked the best tittle for this paper; but it is what I am going to stick with. I plan to cover several things in this piece anyway, so I need a bold tittle.
When I hear the word “Life”, I think about people and there happiness. I think (Is anyone really happy)? Then I think (I have no idea how to answer that question). I mean that is a huge question that covers everyone all around the world. I think of that question not because I am not happy myself but because of my experiences and other people’s experiences that I have talked to or have read about.
Is anyone really happy? I set and think… I have been rich, I have been poor. I have had jobs, friends, family, education, passions, material possessions, spiritual possessions, and etc… Yet I still can not say that I am happy. I know many other people that has it all or has nothing and still they are not happy. I know people that has a good job, financially set, money in the bank, house and cars paid for, don’t owe a dime to anyone, married with children, etc.. Yet when I ask them “are you happy”? They say “not really”.
Another question that I think of when I hear the word “Life” is (Are we meant to be happy)? We all have choices in our life to make, that is a given. God makes no mistakes we know this. We do everything in our power to make ourself happy and yet we are not. We read every day of people committing suicide and the letters are all about the same, they were not happy. We get jobs, we get married or find a lover, we do this and we do that and still nothing. We provide for others. We provide for ourself. We put others before us. We raise our children, we raise other peoples children. We pay our bills. We stay out of trouble. The list goes on an on, but the common denominator is still the same.
I see and hear people everyday claim that they are happy. They claim that they have everything they want. Then I find out the truth. I find out that there marriage or relationship is falling apart. There children are out of control. They see a psychiatrist. Again the list goes on and on, but yet it was all and act. It was just a front to make people think and believe that they are living the American Dream as many like to call it. These people are really good and fooling. To tell the truth from a lie all you have to listen for is the words “I am truly happy”.
Now I am not saying that no one is truly happy, but most are not and the ones who are not deceiving you could just be happy with what they have. Not what they have got but what they have acquired. They have acquired a job that they like/love. See where I am going with that, it is not that they are truly happy; it is that they are happy about what the have acquired.
I have done a lot of research on this topic. I have written a lot down about my own experiences about life. I have talked to a lot of my friends and family about the term “Life” and the question “Are you happy”? and I have found only one answer (nope). Even because I am not happy and I can’t find anyone who truly is, does not mean that I am going to give up on trying to become truly happy. I am like everyone else; I have my own problems and I have been down and out, I have been on the brink of a mental breakdown and a money breakdown. Yet, I have not gave up, or discouraged anyone on giving up from being truly happy. I believe that there is a way to be truly happy and I hope that everyone finds it and including myself.