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Okay, it has come to my attention that some people are un-teachable and some just don’t really give a shit. Now, I am not saying that I don’t believe in having your own opinion but when you express that opinion and in a way where it affects a lot of other people; then we have a problem. I mean, why only care when something affects you or a loved one? Why not try to make a difference for everyone, so that other people and their loved ones has a better chance in this world. I mean seriously people; this is 2013 and we still have Racist, Sexist, homophobic, etc….. Really; this is just sad and down right degrading. Yet when it comes to you it’s like “Oh the hell you say”! Hmm….. No wonder we have so much hate and sex crimes in the world today. Not to mention the selling of humans, torturing, murders, kidnappings, bullying, etc… Nobody wants this, and everyone runs to complain about it and to get something done about it but when it comes down to you doing it; there is alway an excuse not to help isn’t there? Well, what goes around comes around I guess but I don’t think that is good enough for some people. All we can hope for is a better life and that people will start caring and trying more; or that everyone gets back what they dish out. 


Everyday Abuse! Some of you may wonder just exactly what am I taking about by that statement. In fact it is very simple. I am not talking about Child Abuse, Spouse Abuse, Senior Abuse, etc.. I am just simply talking about the simple abuse of everyday life. There are so many people out there that Judge, Put Others Down, Tease, Torture, Make Fun Of, etc… That is the kind of abuse I am talking about. In reality it is just as bad if not worse that any other kind of abuse. The U.S.A. has such a high suicide rate it is just awful. The human race is just down right disgraceful and cruel. I mean there are still some good people left in the world, but unfortunately there is not enough to help. There is just way to many that are so cruel. They only look out for No.1 and that is it. Then they complain when they get treated the way they treat others. Well, I say just getting treated badly back is not enough, but that is just my opinion. I just really wish that these ignorant cruel people would grow a heart, a personality, a self-esteem, and step back and look at what they are doing to other people!

I am working on getting my Degree in Psychology so I can be a Psychiatrist, and a Law Degree so I can be an ADA, a Prosecutor, or a Judge so that I can help fight these people in the world and help the ones who have been targeted by these abusers. I only hope that my dedication and passion for helping these people, and stopping the others will help inspire people to stop not wanting to get involved, and try to make a difference. Because it is not fair to only act when it happens to you or someone you care about.